• April 24,2017.
Mannequin Fitting Your Life

Quanzhou Wowell Display Company was established in 2005. We are cooperation with so many famous retail brands all around the world. For a professional manufacturer, we have our own design work room with many experienced masters. Our product series include realistic / abstract / sport / leisure / sexy / cute and all kinds mannequins. Product category contain male mannequin / female mannequin /kids mannequin /sport mannequin/plastic mannequin / fabric leather mannequin /jersey form and hanger. 
Why choose us? Here we would like sharing our advantage as below:

Material: Traditional mannequin raw materials basically is the fiberglass combine with unsaturated resin. In recent years, with the improvement of environment protection, the export of our current products are not only confined to the traditional fiberglass material, more we will use the ecological environmental protection material, such as biological resin, we use corn resin instead of the unsaturated resin, water soluble paint instead of traditional paint. And also use the linen and soybean fiber instead of the traditional glass fiber. 

Design: Although we are the direct factory, but we not only limit to order process ,we are custom made the special style follow each customer want and create new fashion style to catch the trend. Our design room now include clay sculpture/carve and make up teams. Through years of experience in product presentation and store concepts, Wowell display has an intimate knowledge of the requirements of mannequins.

Surface Finished Technology: Through years of experience in surface finishing, now we have regular painting (glossy or matte color), tea stain, electroplate(gold-silver color), water transfer, infused, fabric covered, paper covered and raw finished technology. Difference finished treatment make the style in very special surface visual effect. Such as tea stain and paper covered techniques always make the style in antique effect. Water transfer usually in wood / bamboo grain,always make the style in reality.

Quality control: Our company is committed to producing high-quality mannequins for nearly 10 years. Our purpose is not only meet customers needs, but also exceed customers expectations by maintaining stringent quality standards in our products. Our quality control procedure include incoming inspection / master products inspection / lamination inspection / repair-sanding inspection / finished product inspection and outgoing goods inspection. Each procedure have specially-assigned person responsible for it.

Wide varieties: We are accept custom made the difference style follow buyer requirement. But we also have so many existing styles can select, those all are in available mould, it just means no need addition mould fee and can save the production lead time. For male and female mannequin,both series are contain full body mannequin /upper body mannequin /torso mannequin / muscle mannequin / lower body mannequin / headless mannequin and foot mannequin types. For Kids mannequin, now we have both baby mannequin and child mannequin. For sport part, there include both male mannequin and female mannequin . All there are in fiberglass material. More also we have plastic male / female /kids mannequin and fabric foam jersey form / fabric leather mannequin. However, now so many customer are select the style from our product catalogue directly. 

After ten years of development, now we are become a experienced stable team. We believe our professional can always bring you high quality product and Satisfied service. We are looking forward to growing together with you.
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