The Amazing Experience from 2017 EuroShop Mannequins Display

April 24,2017.

In this EuroShop2017, although we are regretful to fail to apply to the booth,  we can learn a lot from many well-famous mannequin companies, for example, to see them a variety of eye-catching mannequins, the realistic, the abstract, the vivid, and the exquisite workmanship deeply amazing us. We strongly aware of that we need to work harder for keep up with the pace of these well-known brands company. In the future we will strive to innovate our products, from raw materials to the production process and then to the product design will be further improved.

During the exhibition we also visited a number of companies, we hope to establish a cooperative relationship with them. Because we are manufacturers, have their own factories, there are about 200 workers, for them to mass production, and cheap. We hope that these advantages can win their favor, and ultimately with their sincere cooperation.
Back to China, so far we have received emails from some of the companies to ask for the product catalog and the price. This is a good beginning, we believe that we will be getting better and better in the future.
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